GHE AquaFarm System with Hailea Pump

GHE AquaFarm System with Hailea Pump

The famous AquaFarm. Complete system ready to use. Just add clay.

A larger version of the WaterFarm. Just add Hydroton Clay and Nutrient to own one of the most compact systems around. Famous for giving a highly oxygenated nutrient supply. Great for longer term plants.

Plants are grown within a chamber filled with clay pebbles. The growing chamber is suspended above a reservoir filled with nutrient-enriched water. An air pump drives the nutrient solution up through the “pumping column”, to the drip-ring, where it then drips down through clay pebbles. This infuses the nutrient with oxygen and constantly bathes the roots, stimulating the plant to grow like you have never seen before.

AquaFarm L = 45,5 cm – W = 45,5 cm – H = 43 cm Effective capacity = 35 Litres

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